Viral: Roger Federer in William Tell serve trick (Gillette ad)

Roger Federer in William Tell serve trick Gillette ad shoot Viral: Roger Federer in William Tell serve trick (Gillette ad)Roger Federer, the six-times Wimbledon champion, astounded crew members at a photo shoot with a trick shot in which he knocked a drink bottle off a man’s head with his serve.

Roger Federer‘s William Tell serve trick video after the JUMP!

The start of the video, filmed during a Gillette and British Skin Foundation photo shoot, shows the World Number Two apparently discussing a recent match with a crew member.

To prove a point about the accuracy of his serve, Federer challenges the man to stand with the bottle on his head before crashing two pinpoint serves directly onto it, sending it flying while leaving the man unharmed.

The viral video, uploaded on Monday, has already attracted more than 350,000 views but has provoked debate as to whether it is genuine or not.

What do you think?

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