11 Best Massage Chairs

Living busy and hectic lives, no one would deny the desire of a few tranquil moments. Relaxing your body and recharging your soul is requisite for a healthy living and astute thinking.

Contemplating the following needs massage chairs were brought to the screen. Not only do they help your body relax and conciliate but many advancing technologies also help to treat medical conditions. In this article, we will assist you to choose the best one for you from a vast range of massage chairs.

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Our Top 3 picks at a Quick Glance

OSAKI OS7075RC is an S-track massage chair with a powerful 13 motor system providing a full body massage. 2 levels zero gravity. Automatic power-off settings.

Elegantly designed, efficient massage chair with cloud touch acupressure, 3 deep tissue massages. It Features Bluetooth and heat technology. L-Track massage system. Space-saving design.

Zero gravity and Bluetooth compatible chair. Various pre-planned massage programs. Features soft light chromotherapy. Body scanning technology for convenient massage.

1. Osaki OS7075RC Zero Gravity S-Track Massage Chair

Just the look of the Osaki OS7075RC massage chair will create an impulse to try it for yourself. It is a fancy looking, cream-colored, S-track massage chair with infrared body scan technology. This technology senses your body parts and provides massages accordingly. The zero-gravity design yields the sensation of floating in air and assists to relieve stress. The S-track massage vibrations move along your spine and give that heavenly relief. Ideal to soothe back pain.

The Osaki provides several massages including neck, arm, hand, leg, calf, pelvis, and hip massages. Also, it features the head air massage which makes fatigue bygone. Just settle into the chair and let your organs loosen up. The chair provides a long vertical massage range with a footrest angle range of 0_170 degrees.

Comes with multiple airbags and 6 easy auto healthcare programs.


  • powerful 13 motor system
  • facile remote control 
  • automatic 15-30min power off timer setting
  • incorporate multiple airbags


  • small postured bodies can’t fit in the large-sized chair and enjoy a thorough massage.

2. Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair

Meet the new beauty in the market, the Human Touch Novo XT massage chair.

The salient design calls in attention and various massage settings attune it to your needs. The L-track unibody design covers the maximum body and gives a 3D massage following the entire spine and lower back. Perfect for pre or post-workout relaxation.

Customize your massage with 3 deep tissue massage programs and 5 intensity settings from mild to vigorous. Soothe and stretch your body to supercharge your daily ritual. Continuous heat flow to the lumbar area Helps in back pain therapy and other physical conditions. Also features the zero-gravity massage for ultimate relief. Can be expanded for full-body stretching and reclined to the upright position for saving space. Has a built-in USB port and Bluetooth speakers for you to enjoy music or listen to your e-book while treating your body.


Lumbar heat

Extending foot and calf massage

Easy to use LCD remote

Cloud touch acupressure


  • LCD remote once damaged can’t be replaced

3. OSAKI OS-PRO Maxim Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Suffering from back pain or pulled muscles?  OSAKI feels you. It has designed your ultimate solution with the launch of the OSAKI OS-PRO Maxim massage chair. It is an astounding combination of both S&L track massages which satisfies all that the body is asking for.

Providing all the features that one would dream it is also undemanding in user skills. No complex operational systems are involved. All features are elaborated on the touch screen tablet and choosing your massage is as easy as a pie. Body scanning technology automatically senses the pressure points.

Pre-planned massage types provided by the Pro Maxim include clapping, rolling, kneading, shiatsu, Swedish, and tapping. It’s hard to find such an amalgam of massage services at a rational cost. Besides, it also features heat therapy for the lumbar region and foot rollers for soothing your aching soles and ankles.


  •  Bluetooth compatible.
  • Features chromotherapy.
  • Zero gravity.
  • Body scanning technology.


  • For the kneading massage, you need to buy the mecha balls separately which costs as much as the chair itself.

4. uKnead Bella Massage Chair Recliner

Are you awaiting the opportunity to add a massage chair to your home? But you haven’t got the taste and space for a colossal massage chair that won’t suit the interior. Well, the Bella massage chair has evolved from the outlandish typical designs.

uKnead Bella is an exemplary blend of style and technology. Also, it provides a full body massage with heat to let you relax with your body. Features Shiatsu foot rollers that generate a kneading and rolling motion to entertain your feet. The entire massage surface has air cells that exert pressure alternately with a rhythm to each fraction of the body.

You can personalize your massage program with 5 manual and 4 automatic massage techniques. Lay down in this beauty and let your hardworking body enjoy the gratification.

Tuck in the footrest and convert it to an elegant accent chair.


  • Sophisticated design.
  • Manual and automatic massage options.
  • Features LED lights chromotherapy.
  • Adjustable massage angles.


  • Quite expensive according to performance.

5. Ogawa Touch 3D Massage Chair

The Ogawa Touch 3D massage chair provides you a Japanese-style 3D massage for your entire body. Experience 6-levels of massage depth for giving your body a little treat it deserves after the day-long laboring.

The 8 different massage programs are designed to soothe every muscle. Dual 3D head rollers and Shiatsu style foot rollers ensure to serve every inch of your body, unlike many other massagers which focus on the spine and lower back only. A double body scan detects your spine and shoulder position for explicit massage. The smart sense air compression lifts and repositions your body for elaborate stretching and relaxing for a healthy circulation and muscle exercise. 2 level zero gravity proffers the promised land sensation to release all stress and pressure.

The touch screen remote allows you to customize your massage in a pulse.


  • Elegant design.
  • Shiatsu foot rollers
  • Dual-level zero gravity
  • 8 massage programs


  • Very pricy.


The KAHUNA superior massage chair is a sizable well-founded massage chair. Attributing the 3D massage along with acupressure point sensors this massage chair can take your massage experience to the next level. The arm massage area contains acupressure point sensors that offer your arm a gripping feeling and lets you experience realistic massage effects.

8 massage types are set by default; all different and useful. 3D rollers and airbags cover most of the trunk region and work in synchronization for gifting your body ease and comfort. Massage intensity and speed can be tailored to your mood with 3 intensity levels. Soft blue LED lights are designed to alleviate relaxation with chromotherapy. Zipper covering allows the leg and foot covering to detach easily for less space consumption.


  • In-built Bluetooth to connect a device.
  • 3D massage rollers
  • Acupressure points
  • Zipper covering


  • Very voluminous and requires some assembly before use.

7. Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 Massage Chair

As the name indicates the breakthrough recliner is a medically recommended massage chair for body pains and aches. The chair promises to tend to your spinal health and relieve other body pains. The L track system involves a 4-wheel roller that explicitly fits the spinal cord and buttock region for a precise massage that actually heals.

The smart body scan detects the body’s pressure points. A variety of massage techniques including the famous shiatsu and flapping with 5-speed levels are available. A true zero gravity sleep mode allows you to sleep on clouds. Yes, it feels like it!

The heating system involves infrared carbon fiber that is specialized to dilate blood vessels and improve circulation. A series of inflatable airbags puff up for chiropractic backstretch therapy. The chair has wheels for moving your massage to your mood environment. Comes with free extra cushioning to add up the solace.


  • 4 wheels for mobility
  • Medical body treatment
  • Carbon fiber heat technology
  • Free extra cushioning


  • Does not have a convenient control panel or remote
  • Lacks many modern massage chair facets

8. Panasonic EP-MA73KU Massage Chair

The Panasonic Prestige massage chair is the most expensive choice reviewed on our list. Yet the product claims modernism, durability along with a style. Panasonic is a well-known name in the world of technology and automation.

It provides convenient service with luxury. From neck to back, shoulders, hands, calves it soothes and relaxes the whole body with the airbag massage. Numerous air cells tend to body tissues releasing tension in the body parts. Also, it features the amazing junetsu kneading technique which mimics thumb-like circular motions to invigorate tired muscles.

Let’s reveal the icing on the cake; the customized massage programs have up to 110 different combinations of body areas and techniques. 6 basic pre-set programs target individual treatment needs. Pressure sensors scan the back and precisely massage the entire curve of your spine.


  • The design complements any décor.
  • Touch remote control for swift functioning.
  • Dual-zone heat massage
  • Full-body comfort


  • Extremely pricy.

9. Titan TPPRO8400D Massage Chair

Although an older model, the Titan Pro 8400 still maintains its position in the market due to its affordability and a fine blend of technologies. Featuring an L-track massage function it has rollers that tend to the neck and down the spine to the buttocks. A perfect treatment for your spine disc.

It is among the first ones to curb the zero-gravity technology where the maximum bodyweight is supported by the airbags to release maximum muscle tension. It takes your massage experience to another level. The bonus here is the auto recline system which helps you to adjust the position with just a click.

The air intensity of the airbags can be adjusted to 5 intensities. Heating pads at the back give a heavenly soothing sensation to your spine. Also, gives arm, hand, calf, and foot massage with spinning and kneading rollers.


  • Beautiful design
  • Adjustable foot rollers.
  • Good for broad shoulders.
  • Affordable price.


  • No 3D rollers and vibration systems.
  • No stretching programs.

10. Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

The Real Relax massage chairs are among the most affordable chairs of the race. Although lacks some big facets it may be very convenient for some. The first queer thing here is the absence of any massage track or rollers. The massage is directly rendered via 8 massage zones for a stationary Shiatsu massage only. The chair simply vibrates to give you a massage and you probably won’t get the full feel if your body does not align with the chair design.

However, it is quite surprising that whilst lacking the massage rollers it still features the zero gravity and Bluetooth technology. This can enhance the massage sensation along with some music. Besides, the air massage mode backs up the chair while soothing your back and tending to aches.

Proffers a good enough calf & foot massage. Comes with a simple manual remote control.


  • Very affordable.
  • Zero gravity technology.
  • Features Bluetooth.


  • No massage rollers.
  • Nobody adjustment system.

11. Osaki OS4000TD Massage Chair

It is a rather expensive massage chair but the profuse facets offered by it justify the price. The exterior is a luxurious PU leather with a graceful and sleek appearance. It features an S-track massage system with rollers that massage the entire spine length.

Also features the NASA inspired zero gravity technology with 2 intensity levels. In the zero-gravity position, the entire body weight is apparently supported by the backrest which provides a floating sensation. Features full body air massage with airbags for ultimate soothing.

2 heating pads are located at the back which dissipates gradual and continues heat to the spine and enhances the massage experience. The footrest is extendable for deep stretching and relaxing. 6 massage styles and 5 levels of speed and intensity along with auto timer is controlled by a wireless control panel.


  • A comprehensive hand like massage.
  • Auto massage timer.
  • Body scan and zero gravity features.


  • Expensive massage chair.

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