11 Best Furniture Stripping Products

Refinishing your furniture ends proficiently only when the furniture surface is clean and free of any residual paint or polish. Sanding the furniture piece is painstaking and laborious. Therefore, professionals opt for stripping method. However, running into an inopportune stripping product will also cause you trouble or mishaps. Here, we have keenly chosen some best tools and chemicals which will help strip your furniture most calmly.  Not only wood but several other materials, which your furniture might be made of are stripped easily using these products.

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Our Top 3 picks at a Quick Glance

Smart Strip is a powerful yet safe varnish and paint stripper. Removes up to 15 layers in one application. Odorless and biodegradable.

Citristrip stripping gel stays wet on the surface for up to 24 hours and excellent for bulk work. Pleasant citrus smell. Effective for both latex and oil-based paints.

Peel away stripping paste is an environment-friendly and strong product to quickly bare the furniture. Does not require rubbing and scratching. Comes with a complete tool kit.

1. Dumond Chemicals, Inc. 3301 Smart Strip

Smart Strip is a quality paint stripper that is safe for use and 100% biodegradable, does not harm the environment. This is a water-based stripper that works equally well not only on wood but a number of other surfaces as well. You can remove the toughest paint stains from wood, brick, concrete, stone, tile, fiberglass, porcelain, plaster, masonry, etc. using the smart strip. No matter what material your furniture piece is made of, strip off the stains easy as a pie.

This strong stripper can remove about 15 layers of architectural and industrial coatings from a surface without vigorous rubbing and scuffle. Very effectual for carved and curved surfaces. Now stripping the most heavily carved furniture pieces can be achieved without much fight with the smart strip. The white liquid is manufactured to sustain long periods without drying out. Can be easily applied with a brush, paint roller, or airless spray.


  • Removes up to 15 layers.
  • long term liquidity.
  • Odorless.
  • Effective on several surfaces.
  • Truly biodegradable.


  • For effective results, surface temperature should be between 50⁰-95⁰.
  • Eye irritant.

2. Citristrip QCSG801 Paint & Varnish Stripping Gel

Citristrip gel is a really strong yet pleasant to use stripping product/ it has a pleasant citrus smell and does not vaporize in harsh fumes like many other chemicals. Does not contain methylene chloride or NMP (N- Meth pyrrolidone) which can cause nausea and headaches and also contain carcinogens.

You can work with this friendly striping gel for long hours without disturbing your health. Also, the gel consistency will stay active for 24 hours and will remove multiple layers in a single step. You won’t have to remove one layer after the other.  The gel is ideal for indoor use but make sure to open all windows and doors to create ventilation and maintain fresh air. Strips wood, metal, and masonry surface effectively. It removes both dried latex and oil-based paints for which normally you have to buy two separate products.


  • Pleasant odor.
  • 24-hour reactivity.
  • Great for indoor use.
  • Removes both latex and oil-based paints.


  • Contains benzyl alcohol which causes skin burns.
  • Can’t be used on fiberglass, vinyl, and plastic.

3. Dumond Chemicals, Inc. 1160N Peel Away

This peel-away paint striper can remove an incredible 30 plus layers of paint just in a single bid. It is environmentally safe and biodegradable. The peel-away kit comes with a stripping paste and Citri-Lize neutralizer. An application tool for the safe application of paste and laminated paper to strip off the paste. Wear gloves and apply the paste on the target surface, cover it with laminated paper and strip off to get a clean, scrubbed surface.

It is effective on a variety of surfaces including wood, brick, plaster, iron, stucco, fiberglass, and more. Does not produce harmful flames. Free of carcinogens and toxins. One peel away kit can remove a 20-25 square feet of the surface. Extra laminated paper can be bought separately if needed. Does not contain any detrimental volatile organic compounds (VOC).


  • Removes multiple layers in one rip.
  • Comes with a complete tool kit.
  • Effectual on multiple surfaces.
  • Non-toxic, Non-flameable, and zero VOC.


  • Can cause grievous skin burns.

4. Confined Space Paint Strip Gel

As delineated by the name confined space strip gel is suitable for use in tight spaces such as bathrooms, closets, or small kitchens. Using indoor or outdoor will keep you out of harm’s way in all ways. It is non-toxic, excluding any harmful fumes. Has a pleasant and refreshing soft lime aroma. Conveniently and timely removes any paint stains from your cupboards, bathtubs, kitchen counters, or almost any other household surface.

Another treat here is that you will be able to clear up with no mess. Its gel formula clings to any surface and does not drip like other paint removers. Works on wood, brick, metal, concrete, plaster, fiberglass, tiles, and many other surfaces. Removes up to 20 paint layers. Free of methyl chloride and NMP. Comes with a money-back guarantee.


  • Works on several surfaces.
  • Perfect for low ventilated areas.
  • Pleasant odor.
  • Does not drip.


  • The water-based formula does not work for many oil-based paints.

5. MG Chemicals 8310A Conformal Coating Stripper-Gel

Although it does not work on many surfaces but the 8310A conformal coating gel is a consummate product especially for printed circuit boards. Ideal for industrial and professional use. Works on acrylic, urethane, and silicone-based conformal coatings effectively. Also, readily works on cross-link thermostat coatings.

The striping gel reacts with the paint and softens it or swells to ease the mechanical cleanup. It is safe to use for majority of PCB and also on metals. Does not contain any potentially hazardous materials or carcinogens and is biodegradable too. The striping gel comes in three variants; liquid to immerse the PCB’s for a thorough cleaning, gel for non-drip removal, and a stripping pen for precise removal such as tiny spots.


  • Biodegradable.
  • No SVHC’s
  • Works with most PCB materials.
  • Comes in three variants.


  • Works on very limited surfaces.

6. Sunnyside Corporation 65664 Hi-Speed Ready-Strip

Sunnyside Paint and varnish strip gel is a quick action product to remove paint coatings from your furniture. Either removing paint stains or going for a new coating, removing old paint layers will be made easy with Sunnyside strip gel.

It reacts with both oil and water-based varnishes and pigments. Does not need any additional thinners or chemicals and is ready to use. Once finished with renovating the place you will need some good furniture stripping products to get rid of unwanted paint stains.  This economical and no-mess gel formula varnish stripper is good enough for the purpose. Can also be sprayed with a nozzle. Does not contain methyl chloride. Works on wood, metal, brick, and concrete surfaces.


  • Works with various surfaces.
  • Effective for both oil and water-based surfaces.
  • No-drip formula.


  • Can’t be used on plastic.

7. 3M Heavy Duty Stripping Pads

3M heavy duty stripping pads are manufactured to work with strong and vigorous stripping chemicals. You can get two stripping tampons for only $7. To give your furniture a new varnish coat, you can use these tampons to easily bare the surface.

Made from a synthetic, anti-corrosion material. These stripping pads won’t wear off like steel wools in strong chemicals. The coarse surface will remove thick layers of paint with minimal scratching and rubbing. the 3M heavy duty stripping pads do not shred and are highly durable. You can do a great deal of work with just one pad. Furthermore, it not only scraps off paint and varnishes but can also be handy to scrape wallpapers or other tough adhesives on your furniture.


  • Highly durable.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Do not shred or rust.
  • Work with strong chemicals.


  • Will damage your hands while using.

8. Sunnyside 63532 2-Minute Remover

The Sunnyside varnish remover is a rapid action stripping liquid which readily dissolves the paint layer to give you a clean, satisfying bare furniture piece. Sunnyside corporation has been providing quality paints, solvents, removers, and many other chemicals for over 125 years. The same quality is promised for the 2-minute remover. It strips your furniture surface very satisfactorily and does not leave any patches.

It removes latex, shellac, epoxy, and oil-based finishes. The Sunnyside does not harm the wood or corrode the metal you are using it on. Can be used on wood, Metal and masonry. Free of methyl chloride but does emit other harmful fumes. Therefore, covering your face while using it is important. Also, wearing gloves is mandatory as it irritates and even burns your skin. One tin can will strip about 25 square feet of the surface.


  • Strips many layers.
  • Rapid action.
  • Does not corrode metals.
  • Methyl chloride free.


  • Harmful fumes may be fatal and even cause blindness.
  • Irritates skin.

9. 3M 10110NA Heavy Duty Stripping Tool

This 3M stripping tool is the best one for use with dangerous or strong chemicals. Sometimes the chemicals may burn into latex gloves and damage your skin. To avoid such accidents 3M introduced its heavy-duty stripping pads featuring a handle. The comfortable plastic handle will prevent any potential skin damages and is also easy to use.

The stripping pad is not the common steel wool kind and it does not shred or rust even on exposure to chemicals. The handle gives additional force while stripping paint and varnishes and is easy to hold as compared to a plain stripping pad. The handle is reusable and you can change the stripping pad. Also, it is the most affordable tool on our list. The handle costs $5 only.


  • Easy to use.
  • Protects hands.
  • Non-shredding pad.
  • Reusable handle.


  • The handle may break while vigorous rubbing and scraping.

10. GALAX PRO Heat Gun for Stripping Paint

A heat gun is another option for stripping off small furniture pieces and removing the paint.

The GALAXY PRO heat gun quickly heats up and melts even the toughest and thickest layers of paints and varnishes. This makes the manual scraping easy and quick. The heat gun comes with a 210cm long electric cord for a wide range of use. It includes four nozzles and can be used for several other jobs like bending pipes or flattening surfaces.  This 1500W heat gun emits scorching hot air which acts rapidly to do the job.

The gun has dual temperature settings ranging between 300-500⁰C. Also, it isn’t very pricy and you can get this durable and versatile tool for about 19 dollars. Ideal tool for professional workers.


  • Dual temperature range.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Multitasking.
  • Includes 4 nozzles.


  • Not suitable for glass.
  • Striping large surface areas will not be convenient.

11. QuickT SDA702K 4 1/2″ Rust Paint Stripper Remover

These stripping discs can remove all paint or varnish from your workpiece in the minimum possible time. Working with a good speed grinder they are a safe and easy means to strip furniture. The pack includes five discs each with a 7 by 8 inches arbor. They scrap off paint, rust, or any other scaling very conveniently and leave a fine, clean finish.

Perfect professional tool for fast surface preparation and stripping. The striping pad used is engineered from non-woven nylon for clog-free grinding and striping.  These upgraded strip discs have an extended lifetime as compared to the common blue or black ones. Can be used on wood, fiberglass, and metal surfaces.


  • Quick and easy stripping.
  • Durable material.
  • Cleans any adhesive on the surface.
  • Clog-resistant.


  • You can use it only with 78 inch. arbor grinders.

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