11 Best Exercise Vibration Plates

You might have decided to live a fitness plan, but the gigantic, intricated gym machines had always scared the soul out of you. If you never came across the name of vibrations plates, you might be surprised to learn that they help you lose weight by just standing on them! To make the process more effective, you can try many workout postures or use tension chords with them. In a sentence, vibration plates are the simplest home workout apparatus and can be a life-changing experience. Here we shall introduce you to the best exercise vibration plates available in markets.

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Our Top 3 picks at a Quick Glance

LifePro Rumblex generates 4D vibrations for a perfect potent workout plus a therapeutic massage. Complemented with Bluetooth speakers. Lighted LED, video library, and tension chords. Uncompromised quality and cool features make it the dearest.

GENKI 3D vibration platform provides deep sensational vibrations for various exercise postures. Muted beats are safety checked. Tracks your performance and comes with a handy complete fitness guide.

Bluefin Fitness Pro model is modified with arm supports for synchronous yoga and workout. Well-built with all the latest technology issued.

1. LifePro Rumblex 4D Vibration Plate

This is an across the board, therapeutic and efficacious fitness vibration plate. LifePro Rumblex effuses 4D vibrations, which oscillates in all four lateral dimensions plus the unique 4D spiral vibrations. Three powerful and robust motors work simultaneously to burn fat and tone muscles and release stress, boost metabolism, and increase body strength.

You will get many useful extras, including four token loop bands, two resistance straps, and a pro user guide. The guide includes a manual and e-book with pictorial and video representation of correct workout postures. You can control the speed and modes via a wristwatch remote control. All of this sounds cool, isn’t it? To add to the fun, LifePro does not miss on the Bluetooth speakers and understands the music motivation thing. This vibration plate has so much to offer.


  • Quality construction with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Free e-book trainer support and video library.
  • Lighted LED display.
  • Muted vibrations.
  • Useful accessories. Like tension chords and watch remote.
  • Rubber floor supports and patterned footpad.
  • Bluetooth speakers.


  • The remote and speakers and not very responsive.

2. GENKI 3D Dual Motor Vibration Platform

Loved by most users, the GENKI 3D vibration platform is a good investment for body maintenance. Unlike the ordinary vibration plates, which offer only linear vibrations, the GENKI has all left, right, up, and down vibrations making it a true 3D vibration platform. Dual 400W powerful copper motors achieve the 3D pulses.

The platform is accessorized with two pairs of tension cords for upper body stretching and shaping. You can operate it with an easy to use remote control. Rubber cups on the lower surface prevent slipping and scratching the floor. Quite motors do not make the tiniest bit of sound so that you won’t disturb your surroundings. The vibration speed can be set either manually or via control within the range of 1-120.


  • 360⁰ 3D massage.
  • Maximum weight support of 353 lbs.
  • 8 exercise modes.
  • Includes an exercise guide for effective workouts.
  • Holding handle and stable rubber stopper.


  • Arm tension chords are only for shorter people.

3. Bluefin Fitness Vibration Plate | Pro Model

This is the flaunted version of the Bluefin ultra-slim vibration plate embracing the good old qualities along with some revamping. You would notice the price doubled with the advanced design. Still, fitness freaks do love to invest in such machines, especially ones with versatility and durability like the Bluefin Pro model.

This fully loaded home fitness machine will help melt fat with healthy blood circulation. The vibration plate is elaborated with the addition of arm supports. You will get BMI and calorie sensors on the arm supports to calculate your progress. The vibration intensity range is the same 180 with an anti-slip surface. However, there is a full angular modification, and the plate can rotate 360 degrees for perfect hip and thigh toning. Vibrations are not limited to the plate but also travel all the way to the arms for a linear full body massage.


  • LED panel to record progress and choose modes.
  • Tension chords are included.
  • Free fitness and diet guide book.
  • Full body vibration.
  • Ten pre-planned programs.
  • Integrated Bluetooth.


  • Bulky design.
  • Other models give a similar performance at a lower price.

4. Bluefin Fitness Ultra Slim Vibration Plate 

Bluefin Ultra slim vibration plate is the best fitness platform at an incredibly reasonable cost. It serves the best vibration workout and induces one to kill boredom through fitness. The slim, sleek, and super compact design attributes to its fame. Bluefin contains a hushed vibration system for deep relaxation and peace. Contrary to that, if you are more of a sing and go king of person, the vibration plate also has woofer-like Bluetooth integrated speakers for additionally vibes in your muscles.

The non-slip, patterned rubber platform allows for safe and easy usage. The Bluefin has a prodigious 180 intensity levels vibration system with five preset plans for quick fat burning and muscle toning. It allows you to carry out several exercises. Includes two resistance chords for full-body drill and token exercise bands. The design of Bluefin will enable you to fit it anywhere and carry it on the way.


  • Includes workout and nutrition guide with the manual.
  • Sweat-resistant remote control.
  • Explicit LED display.
  • In-built Bluetooth speakers.
  • Includes resistance cords.
  • Ultra-slim design.


  • The remote, once dysfunctional, can’t be replaced.

5. iDeer Life Vibration Power Plates

iDeer Life vibration plates are meant for those on a tight budget or the ones with insubstantial workout routines. Although low priced but has fine quality. Supports up to 300 pounds of weight. Compact space-saving design. Has a non-slip rubber footpad and rubber suction cups at the bottom to avoid scratching the floor. Produces mute vibrations, but there is an integrated Bluetooth to enjoy music as you go for fun-lovers.

It has an LED display to record time, speed and choose between modes—10 auto operated programs for routine workouts and no less than 99 intensity levels for vibration. The remote you get with iDeer is straightforward and uncomplicated. It comes with a pair of tension chords for exercising the upper arms and body. Suitable for healthy circulation and lifestyle.


  • High adjustability and stability.
  • Compact, easy to store design.
  • Multiple exercise modes.
  • Easy to use remote control.


  • Workout can’t exceed 15 to 20 minutes perpetually.

6. JTX SLIM-FIT: Home Vibration Plate

Next, we have the JTX Slim-Fit home vibration plate, which is designed more along the gym plates lines. Although we are not entirely enthusiastic about the design, the purpose is well served. The vessel has ample space and supports 120 kg of maximum user weight. Vibration style is not dimensional; instead, plane surface vibrations are produced. To prevent tripping, a footpad is installed but apparently isn’t much support.

It does assist most workout positions and, unlike tension, chords come with straps for massive muscle drills. It helps out lose weight, increase blood circulation, massage your body, and tone your muscles. Three workout programs are planned for basic exercises, and speed intensity has four settings. The elevated LED panel achieved some mixed reviews. Nevertheless, the JTX does not compromise quality, bringing it to our top vibration plates list.


  • Transport wheels for relocation.
  • High-intensity full-body vibration.
  • Pre-assembled compact design.
  • Includes exercise straps and remote control.
  • Comes with a 2-year guarantee.


  • The footpad is not very supportive.

7.Confidence Pro Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

If you search for a severe vibration workout platform, you should look into the Confidence Pro vibration plate machine. The user manual declares it suitable for beginner to the experienced user, but the high vibration intensity may discourage the newbies. Even though the speed intensity is adjustable but with a powerful vibrating motor, it’s natural to feel dizzy on the onset.

There aren’t many additional features, but the principal function is well provided. You do get free arm straps for stretching and muscle exercise. The machine has a straightforward display panel with no fancy functions and is easily understood. The device weighs 28 kilograms with 600W power. A regular workout with the Confidence Pro is sure to reveal rapid fat loss and body shaping.


  • Heavy-duty motor.
  • Durable quality.
  • Easy functioning.
  • Arm resistance straps.


  • Lacks features like music and pulse sensors, which many other machines of the price range do have.

8. Merax Whole Body Crazy Fit Vibration Platform

Very similar in design to the prior item, the Merax crazy fit vibration platform has many extras. A 1- 180 Hz vibration range will satisfy all workout intensities from mild to vigorous. To make your workout more exciting, it has an in-built Bluetooth speaker. A wide range of devices, including cellphones and media players, is compatible with Merax. Enjoying music while working out is a common fun combo.

Includes resistance chords with comfortable handles. Its Sensitive touch console panel works quite smoothly. The yoga arms are there to relax and shape up your arm muscles. Merax vibration platform serves almost all the major muscles in your body for a trimmed and fits you.


  • Enhanced yoga arms.
  • Attached tension chords.
  • Sensitive touch display console.
  • Durable manufacture.
  • Integrated Bluetooth.


9. Axis-Plate Whole Body Vibration Platform

The professional-grade Axis-Plate vibration trainer features a downright design with every fraction evincing quality and performance. The trilateral console has sensitive finger touch for swift, accessible machine settings. Your BMI 9body mass index) is also recorded by sensors on either arm supports. This helps you to determine fat loss and fitness progress.

The tension chord, which is firmly hooked to the base, has foam handles that won’t hurt your hands while stretching. The vibration plate is comparatively large with patterned rubber that will give your feet the massage and relaxation they deserve. There are 99-speed settings for vibrations and three preset programs for effective workout routines.


  • Durable manufacture.
  • Large vibration platform.
  • Front wheels for easy relocation.
  • Detachable tension chords.
  • Straightforward LED panel.
  • Three preset fitness programs.


  • Does not include an instruction manual.

10. Gym Master Crazy Fit Vibration Massage Plate. 

Gym Master 2700W crazy fit vibration plate is suggested for occasional and moderate users. It’s a budget-friendly fitness option. Although it lacks professional quality but contains all essentials. You can choose from a variety of colors. Transport wheels serve for easy moving around, and the compact design allows you to store it under beds, in closets, or anywhere else.

Integrated Bluetooth speakers allow you to enjoy music while exercising. The vibration speed can be set between a range of 120 levels. Six programs are preset for easy and effective workouts. You can switch between modes by the touch screen panel or via the remote control. Includes power chords and resistance straps for full-body toning.  


  • Very affordable price.
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers.
  • Easy storage and transport.


  • Low quality.

11. ZAAZ 15K

ZAAZ 15K is not just a fitness exercise platform but also used by therapists and doctors for handling muscle and joint concerns. ZAAZ is approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as a useful medical device. Eight preset programs include three massage, one therapy, and four workout plans for invigorating your body from hectic life routines.

The system automatically adjusts according to varying weight loads. The arm grips are comforted with rubber grips. It includes a step counter and pulse and calorie meter for a track record. The touch LED console efficiently manages your custom programs. Rubber supported bottom and footpad provide stability and ease of functioning.


  • Used by different pros to deal with body and muscle problems.
  • Effective results.
  • Certified by FDA.
  • Comfortable rubber handles.


  • Costly machine.

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