11 Best Caravan Sun Canopies

Caravan and campervan canopies are practical not only for tourists and campers but family road trips and weekend picnics can also make fair use of a sunscreen canopy. You can easily find a canopy that fits your caravan or vehicle. Besides, some brands offer universal canopies that fit almost any vehicle. A fine canopy lets you enjoy the warmth without catching harmful sun rays. Waterproof canopies stand stiff under rainfall so you can harmoniously absorb the surroundings.

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Our Top 3 picks at a Quick Glance

Summer Canopi 260 is a cost-effective, durable sunscreen canopy. Blocks sunlight and UV rays with its protective coating. Includes rooftop fabric, poles, pegs, and repair kit.

Frankana Playa universal canopy fits all caravan awnings and sets up in minutes. It is made from durable fabric, which can be used for multiple purposes.

Swift canopy 260 is a durable quality caravan canopy. Contains two side windows for ventilation—fiberglass top pole with two upright steel poles.

1. Summer Canopi 260

It’s the most affordable item on our list. That does not mean it compromises on quality and fulfillment. Summer Canopi 260 is made from a 150HD double rip-stop fabric. The rigid material not only ensures durability but also the UV coat protects from the harmful rays.

It can go with caravans of 235-250 cm rail height. Available in 260 and 390 width choices. Perfect for touring trips. The inner roof is silver coated for enhancing the protection against UV rays. The pitching poles are of high quality, heavy-duty fabrication. Features the twin piping system to prevent tripping and collapse. The roof pole is made of fiberglass for flexibility and curve. Comes with pegs and a clean repair kit.


  • Economical canopy.
  • UV block coating.
  • High quality steel poles.
  • Includes pegs and repair kit.


  • It can be problematic to setup.

2. Frankana Playa Universal Caravan Motorhome Sun Canopy

Frankana Playa Universal sun canopy is the most viable among our picks. It has the most straightforward and quickest setup. It is made from a waterproof, rot-resistant, and tearproof material. Durability is assured with the Playa sun canopy.

The high point here is that you can use this canopy for all sized caravans. You can even put it up over your vehicle’s rear or use it as a gas cylinder cover. This is the most adjustable canopy one can find in the market. Moreover, the material is excellent and does not wear quickly. It will provide the right sunshade. You can easy-wipe the surface for a brand-new look. It will practically take you hardly five minutes to set up this canopy.


  • Trouble-free setup.
  • Durable quality.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Fits all sized caravan awnings.


  • The flat top and open sides won’t prevent slanting sunlight.

3. Swift Canopy 260

The Swift canopy 260 comes from a reputable company, sunncamp. They are known for years of manufacture in camping and caravanning products. Their products and accessories promise quality and good tasking. You won’t regret investing in the swift canopy.

As indicated by the name, the canopy is swift and easy to setup. Has floor dimensions of 260cm x 240cm. The canopy is curved with transparent side windows and otherwise a navy color. The upper curved shape is attained by a flexible fiberglass top pole supported by two straight and perpendicular steel poles. The dual-sided windows allow ventilation and slight sun streaks to sneak in. The canopy can fit an awning rail between 235-250 cm in height. 


  • Fiberglass curved top pole.
  • Dual-sided windows.
  • Easy setup


  • Does not include setup materials.

4. Eurotrail Caravan Sun Canopy Basic

Euro Trail Caravan Sun canopy has a trouble-free, rapid set up system. Perfect for weekend trips and garage use also. The package includes two steel poles, straps, herrings, and a polyester sun sheet—all that is required for an instant canopy. The entire setup comes in a carry bag, easy to carry along on picnics, and easily fit in vehicles.

Both steel poles have a continuously adjustable height while reaching a maximum height of 225cm. This means you can lower the canopy to your desirable angle against the sun or rain. It’s weather resistant and comes in handy as a barrier for sun, rain, gadget protection, or garage use. The canopy is lightweight and tearproof. The seams are neatly taped and secured with cutout eyelets for straps. The sun is made of an all-weather Tex and measures 300 cm in height and 240 cm in width.


  • Available in dark blue and gray color.
  • Strong tubular pitching poles.
  • Weather-resistant PVC coating.
  • Comes in a carry bag.
  • Includes straps and herrings.


  • The steel poles are not weather resistant and may rust out.

5. Vango Sun Canopy for Caravan & Motorhomes 

Vango is a reputable Scottish company and has done a considerable amount of work on highland recreations. This particular sun canopy is one of the finest creations of Vango. The roof is practical for caravan and other types of motorhomes or vehicles.

The canopy provides a comfy shading from scorching sunlight or rain. The significant part is its extended sun sheet, which forms the shelter and covers your vehicle. This is quite thoughtful of the manufacturers to prevent the vehicle from heating up while you and your family enjoy the dim heat. Comes with pre-attached 6 mm Kador straps for quick setup. The top pole is curved with ample extra shade. Includes two strong pitching poles.


  • It can be used for caravans and other mobiles.
  • Extended sunscreen.
  • Pre-attached straps.


  • Some users have reported complications while setting up this canopy.

6. ARB 814301 Retractable Awning

The ARB retraceable awning is a simple yet highly practical canopy. It can fit most caravan and vehicle roofs. You also get pegs and guy ropes with the canopy for stabilizing the poles. Includes nuts and bolts with a spanner for the entire organization. The canopy is retractable, which means it does not need to be framed again for every use. It is self-standing and takes only seconds to install.

Features adjustable telescope legs for variable height. The material is waterproof and UV resistant, as well. Perfect for harsh weather conditions. The nuts, bolts, and poles all are engineered from stainless steel. Not only this, but the carry bag which comes with the canopy is also UV protected! All in all, the ARB canopy is perfect for picnics and lazy weekends. Provide ultimate protection to you and your family.


  • Waterproof and UV protected.
  • Retractable and fast organization.
  • Variable height.
  • Includes the setup materials.


  • Highly expensive.

7. Isabella Shadow Caravan Sun Canopy 

Isabella Shadow caravan sun canopy is explicitly engineered for no trouble use. It is available in many size options and comes with two or three poles according to the canopy size. These carbon X poles are heavy-duty and prevent your shade from collapsing even in heavy rainfall. But this does not make it bulky or hefty. Everything comes in a lightweight, portable bag.

The Isabella shadow canopy is multitasking, and besides the customary top sunshade, it can also be used as a side canopy on the awning. This model offers extra options, including sides and net-front, making you a lovely cozy shade. Metal rings secure the roof’s strapping holes, and the poles also contain stable pins.


  • Multipurpose canopy.
  • Great stability.
  • Lightweight, portable.
  • Includes carry bag.


  • The sides and front net have to be bought separately.

8. Eurotrail Adjustable Sun Roof for Caravans, Motorhomes

Eurotrail is a leading Dutch brand working for over 40 years in retail. The Eurotrail adjustable sunroof comes in a storage bag to keep it secure and easily portable. You won’t get any poles or strapping materials with it, making it a very pricy canopy. However, the sunroof you get is of high caliber and practicable.

The fabric measures 860 by 200 cm. and weighs 5kg. The fabric material is a weatherproof Tex 1.7, pure polyester with SPF 50. The canopy can fit any caravan size by precise measurements. It is waterproof and won’t tear easily. Finely finished seams and eyelets are shaped for strapping. A distinctive feature here is the one-sided canopy option. You can set up this particular sunroof to create a one-side canopy wall either on the left or right. This provides excellent protection against harsh weather.


  • Multitasking sunroof.
  • Waterproof and rotproof.
  • Fits variable caravan awnings.


  • Does not include poles.
  • Expensive canopy.

9. Sunncamp Sunnshield Universal Sun Canopy (280)

The Sunncamp Sunnshield is an unadorned and very manageable sun canopy. Has a resistant white rooftop. The canopy is available in three height options; 240, 280, 390 cm long, which are the most common caravan awning dimensions.

Does not require a caravan railing for suspension. You can directly hitch it to your caravan using ordinary awning beadings. The caravan features Pro-Tek 300-Denier fabric, which provides quintessential sun screening. The maximum front height from the rooftop to the ground is 200cm. Validate all the measurements and the compatibility of the canopy with your caravan. The Sunnshield is very affordable and works with most caravan houses. You can enjoy warm summer afternoons with your family while remaining sheltered from the harmful rays.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Available in multiple heights.
  • Attaches directly to the caravan.


  • Not waterproof.
  • Not very durable.

10. Eurotrail Caravan Camper Bus Awning Fjord Sun Canopy

The Eurotrail Fjord sun canopy is compatible with many caravans and campervans. Features a hard-wearing and durable construction. The package includes three pitching poles, a rain gutter pole, three clamps, guy ropes, and pegs. All of this comes in a convenient carry bag. You can keep them nice and compact in your vehicle and instantly setup your canopy. Perfect for tourists and campers.

It comes in a blue and grey color and is made up of all-weather Tex 2.0. Plus, the fabric is pure polyester with SPF 50. This sun canopy can be attached via a c-channel rail or other commercial piping rails such as the multi-rail. The poles can be adjusted to a desirable height.


  • Durable quality.
  • Taped seams.
  • Reinforced eyelets.
  • Includes carry bag


  • Not waterproof and UV protected.

11. Eurotrail ETSP0515.22 Frameset for Canopy

Eurotrail canopy frameset is your savior if you cannot find a fitting off the shelf canopy for your caravan or campervan. You can set up your customized canopy using this frameset. It includes two side poles (140-200 cm), one center pole (170-250 cm), three guy ropes, three pegs. Everything comes in a portable storage bag. It does not include the rooftop fabric. 

All the poles are made of high-quality, durable steel. The package weighs only 3.4 kg and comes in grey color. You need to insert the pole spikes into the canopy’s corner eyelets and secure it with pegs. Use guy rope for support and stability.


  • Adjusted to a wide range of awnings.
  • Comes with a storage bag.
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable price.


  • Does not include rooftop fabric.

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