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Today’s Quicky (LINKS)

gyorsmenet119 Todays Quicky (LINKS)


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IMDB: The Top 20 Actors of the Last 20 Years

tom hanks1 IMDB: The Top 20 Actors of the Last 20 Years

Russell Crowe j02 IMDB: The Top 20 Actors of the Last 20 Years

  • “ A force of nature the charismatic Crowe seems to dislike what he does but he does it so extremely well it’s hard to begrudge him for it. Nominated for three Academy Awards (he won for Gladiator) he’s the go-to guy when a film needs a commanding presence but he’s also played nuanced schlubs such as in The Insider and Body of Lies. ”

denzel washington IMDB: The Top 20 Actors of the Last 20 Years

  • “ Washington has five total Oscar nominations. His first win was for his magnificent performance in Glory and his second Oscar was for Training Day (The Hurricane, Malcolm X and Cry Freedom round out the list). He’s recently played an apocalyptic drifter and drug kingpin Frank Lucas and shows no sign of slowing down. ”


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‘The Next Three Days’ New Official Trailer

The Next Three Days banks crowe The Next Three Days New Official TrailerLionsgate has released the first trailer for The Next Three Days, a remake of the French thriller Anything for Her from writer/director Paul Haggis (Crash).  Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Banks, and Liam Neeson star in this tale of a man (Crowe) who devises an elaborate plot to break his wife (Banks) out of prison.  Check out the trailer after the jump. (more…)

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Awkward interviews – Russell Crowe edition

“Don’t be put off when everything a megastar says and does suggests he hates everything about you and your interview!”

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Final Full-Length Trailer for Robin Hood (HD)

robin hood poster Final Full Length Trailer for Robin Hood (HD)

Universal Pictures has released the full new trailer for director Ridley Scott‘s Robin Hood, coming to theaters on May 14.

robin hood trailer Final Full Length Trailer for Robin Hood (HD)

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