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Help Build Water Tanks

adakozz Help Build Water Tanks

“Please help build water tanks in dry regions of West China, to improve the living conditions there.”

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Pepsi Max vs Coca-Cola (2010)

In a multimedia marketing campaign, Pepsi MAX boldly invites American consumers to taste for themselves that when it comes to maximum taste and zero calories, Pepsi MAX conquers the competition. That’s the message in a remake of the iconic “Diner” commercial that aired during Super Bowl XXIX, where two soda delivery truck drivers go head-to-head over a can of the best tasting cola on the market. In the 2010 version, the truckers are back; and they both want the zero calories and maximum taste that only Pepsi MAX can deliver. Great commercial!Coke vs Pepsi 11b1 Pepsi Max vs Coca Cola (2010)

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Cool campaign from American Express

americanexpress11 Cool campaign from American Express

There are 3 beautiful commercials that follow the concept “It’s not just a card, it’s your canvas,” toying with the idea of the ZYNC not just a card, but a blank canvas waiting for you to apply your style in it

MORE after the CUT! ; ) (more…)

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First Al Pacino "product" ever: Vittoria Coffee

“Most of my scripts have coffee stains on them…”

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"Simple Pleasure" by Mainland

Creation of Colenso BBDO, Auckland, with production of Prodigy Films and directed by Felicity Morgan-Rhind.

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TVn Prints: Shorter commercial breaks

tvn godfather break ad 1 TVn Prints: Shorter commercial breaks

tvn hannibal break ad 1 TVn Prints: Shorter commercial breaks

tvn kill bill break ad 1 TVn Prints: Shorter commercial breaksvia
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NIKE: The Future has been written [VIDEO]

nike iniesta NIKE: The Future has been written [VIDEO]

Great ad from Nike starring current time world champion, following his campaign Write the Future (Write the Future).

Nike did not miss the selection of Holland and decided to do a tribute:

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Creative Head & Shoulders advert

Click to ENLARGE!

hair expert 111 Creative Head & Shoulders advert

Advertising Agency: Prohome, Budapest, Hungary
Creative Director / Copywriter: Tamás Csornai-Kovács
Art Director: Máté Pribelszky
Production: Sándor Ziemer-Wolf
Photo: stockexpert.com


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