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Polar bear thanks man for driving a Nissan LEAF

GOOD posted this amazing commercial for the Nissan all-electric LEAF vehicle that’s really moving.

The company shows a traveling polar bear thanking a driver for his life-saving change to go all-electric. Check out the ad above.

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How Beautiful and Moving: The Power of Music in WWII

90-year-old vet Col. Jack Tueller recounts a remarkable experience he had in WWII…an anecdote about a German sniper he neutralized with a love song.

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Kanye West’s much-anticipated music video for “Power”. It’s not a video .. It’s a moving Painting!

kanye power video Kanye Wests much anticipated music video for Power. Its not a video .. Its a moving Painting!Director: Marco Brambilla / Based on this

Brambilla is a multimedia artist whom you may recognize from his trippy Civilization installation at the Standard Hotel (that’s how Kanye found out about him) or for his less-trippy, but no less awesome piece Demolition Man (no, seriously, he directed Demolition Man). More

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Nissan Cube

…a reklám tetszik…az autó nem annyira:)

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