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Sunday LOL: Funniest Japanese Girls Prank

Two young Japanese girls turn into two old Japanese men and there’s a photo to prove it!

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Aftermath: The Japanese Tsunami

Images from what remains of the town of Shintona in Miyagi prefecture, one of the areas worst affected by the Tsunami.

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Ultra-realistic Android Developed by Japanese roboticist Kokoro

Actroid-F made a public showing in Tokyo a few days ago, dressed as a nurse who could work in hospitals as an “observer”.

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Tarantino egy wtf japán reklámban

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Origami a tökéletesség nyomában

Mr. Sipho Mabona:

“In September 2007 the advertising company Nordpol Hamburg (which is currently listed in the top ten advertising agencies world wide) asked me to help them make an origami movie. I spent the following four weeks designing around twenty origami models for the video and consulting the computer animators. The world wide corporate movie which tells the story of the Japanese sports brand ASICS has won numerous awards.”

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