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Cloud Rainwater Pipe Attachment

cloud11 Cloud Rainwater Pipe Attachment via
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Innovative Architecture: Orange Cube

Orange Cube 1 Innovative Architecture: Orange CubeThe old harbour zone of French city of Lyon was adorned with a fascinating orthogonal cube into which a giant hole was carved, creating the proper conditions for light, air circulation and views.

Orange Cube 2 Innovative Architecture: Orange Cube

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TriWing Chair (6 photos)

TriWing 2 TriWing Chair (6 photos)

TriWing integrates four different sitting postures in one continuous shape. By flipping the chair along the longitudinal axis the furniture changes its posture and appearance and unfolds its multiple applications. TriWing can be used as dining-chair, lounge-chair, reading-chair or deck-chair. The seat height of the various positions is related to the particular use. (more…)

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