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11ind-blowing Showreel By Chris Bryan

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Climbing Without A Rope: Alex Honnold

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This is Our Planet

Music: The XX – Intro

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It Turns Out That Apes Really Enjoy Looking in a Mirror

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Incredible Must-See Footage: Tribe Meets White Man for the First Time

Tribe on Papua New Guinea meets white man for the first time. Filmed in 1976.

Update: Here is some of the original footage without the new age soundtrack. LiveLeak footage starts around 4:15. Also: epic 80s talkshow set is epic.

Update 2: Here is the original film by JP Dutilleux. Apparently first contact was in 1993, not 1976 as the LiveLeak claimed.

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Slowing Down Time

Ever wanted to see flowing water slowed down to the point of transforming into a series of airborne droplets? This video has that. And more.

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Spectacular Footage: Metrodome Roof Collapse Video from the Inside Metrodome

(CNN) — A powerful snowstorm barrelled east through the Midwest on Sunday, bringing with it more precipitation and gusty winds and leaving behind a trail of significant damage, large snow drifts and subarctic temperatures, according to the National Weather Service.

Roy Terwilliger, chairman of the Minneapolis Metro Sports Commission — the group that oversees the Metrodome — said the heavy snow and cold, high winds “was too much pressure on the dome and several panels on the Teflon roof were caused to rip. Obviously the weight of the snow would affect how much air pressure is necessary to keep that roof up. Something caused that air pressure not to be strong enough or high enough to keep that roof at its normal position.”

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Mind-Blowing: Galapagos 2010

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