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‘Like’ us on Facebook and we’ll give you the ringtone of your dreams!

facebook like button big Like us on Facebook and well give you the ringtone of your dreams!Our new Facebook page is an excellent way to keep up with the latest 11even updates.
We only ask you to share the Facebook love! “Like” us on Facebook.
We are keeping track of all new “likes”, and every week we’ll be giving away custom-made ringtones among our new fans! On Mondays we pick the lucky ones, we get in touch with them, and then we try to fulfill their wish about the most wanted ringtone.
It’s as simple as you see!
Like us here: http://www.facebook.com/11even …and tell your friends.

The ringtones are produced by Eleven Productions

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Facebook = Heaven for narcissistic people

facebook full 600 Facebook = Heaven for narcissistic peopleThe social networking site is a heaven for narcissistic people because they can establish a large number of hollow ‘friendships‘ without having to establish a real relationship, a study found.

Facebook also enables them to control how they are viewed by friends or people they would like to be introduced to, the survey indicated.

Soraya Mehdizadeh, of York University in Canada, questioned 100 students aged 18 to 25 about their use of the site, before giving them psychological examinations to determine how self-important and attention-seeking they were.


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