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One cashier, one hidden cam, one printer.

burgerkinglogo One cashier, one hidden cam, one printer.When a person ordered a sandwhich, a picture was taken, without anyone noticing. The client got your freshly made Whopper with your face on it. Burger King has proved that each sandwich is unique, made to order, especially for each customer.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Brazil
Chief Creative Director: Anselmo Ramos
Executive Creative Director: Michel Lent
Creative Director: Angela Bassichetti
Copywriter: Eduardo Marques
Art Director: Douglas Kozonoe
Director: Giuliano Saad


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JeanLoup Sieff Photography

jeanloup sieff bw photography 14 600x451 JeanLoup Sieff Photographyjeanloup sieff bw photography 10 600x451 JeanLoup Sieff Photographyofficial site

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Tooheys New Beer Economy

tooheys corporate logo Tooheys New Beer Economy

The term ‘helping a mate’ takes on a whole new meaning. Tooheys New Official Currency of The Beer Economy:


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Melanie Olivares / FHM

melanie olivares fhm 001 Melanie Olivares / FHM

melanie olivares fhm 004 Melanie Olivares / FHM


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Infinite USB

infinite usb 01 Infinite USB

While the laptop is getting smaller, the USB ports are getting less and limited. But more and more devices are using USB port. So this IniniteUSB can solve this problem. When there is a new USB device plug in and occupied one USB port, at the same time, it provides one more USB port. If more and more USB devices are designed the plug like this. There won’t be any limitation of the number of USB port anymore. Also, the colorful design helps users recognize the device easily, and makes a series of USB plug more vivid. (Credits & copyright Gonglue Jiang)

infinite usb 02 Infinite USB


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A11azing: Protective Alaskan Malamute calms crying baby with its howl…

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Brasil National Team Jersey 2010

nikestadium Brasil National Team Jersey 2010

Creative mastermind Matt Pyke with UK-based design and art studio Universal Everything are at it again with an awe-inspiring short movie that celebrates the release of the 2010 Brazils National Team Jersey.

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