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"Mellesleg az enyém nagyobb"

“Oou…this is video?” :))

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A 21. század embriója

kicsi11 A 21. század embriója

© by Studio Volk

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Mikor lepörög előtted az életed…

…45 másodpercben:

Director: Chris Milk
Writer: Chris Milk
Production Company: Radical Media
Producer: Samantha Storr
Associate Producer: Brad O’Connor
Editor: Livio Sanchez
Production Design: Matthew Holt
Telecine: Dave Hussey
Sound Design: Eddie Kim

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Watch This: The Visitor – 9/10

Richard Jenkins alakításáért és a “non-Hollywoodért”…kötelező ; )

visitor11 Watch This: The Visitor   9/10

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Minimalist TV Show Posters

By art director, Albert Exergian who uses an iconic symbol from each show to represent its identity or theme in the most minimalist way possible. (via)

Click poster image!


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America is not at war. The troops are at war. America is at the mall.

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Olympus & Kevin Spacey

A szlogen a legjobb a végén!:)

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Average TV Viewing for 2008-09 at All-Time High

For the 2008-2009 TV season, the amount of television watched reached an all-time high as Americans spent four hours and 49 minutes a day on average in front of the TV, up four minutes from last year and up 20% from 10 years ago. The average household watched eight hours and 21 minutes a day on average, also at an all-time high.

avg tv viewing Average TV Viewing for 2008 09 at All Time High

The continued increase in television consumption can be attributed to several factors including more television sets in the home, and Americans also have more channels and content to choose from and are using their DVRs more than ever.

Download the complete breakdown of personal and household viewing dating back to 1950.


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